Astrophotography - Capturing the Milky Way

Dates: May 20, 2023

Meets: Sa from 6:15 PM to 12 M

Location: Enders Reservoir

Registration Fee: $85.00

Astrophotography will be an "on location" shoot/instruction event. If you ever wanted to freeze the Milky Way and capture an image of it, this night is for you! The location will be Enders Reservoir in a dark zone for the best possible conditions. Please bring: a camera, wide-angle lens (18-55mm kit lens will work nicely), tripod, charged batteries, warm clothing, snacks and soft drinks, boots (snakes are potentially in the area) and a lawn/camping chair to relax, and capture the wonders of the Milky Way and potential meteors!
Fee: $85.00

Enders Reservoir

73122 338th Ave
Enders, NE 69027

Richard Haneline


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