What's In Your Business' Toolbox 2.0?

Dates: January 3-31, 2022

Meets: M, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa and Su from 12 M to 12:00 AM

Registration: $119.00

In today's environment businesses need a strong digital presence. Marketing expert Tiffany Roe can help develop your skills and strengthen your business presence; curbside and digital. You will receive all three of the following courses, plus a 45 minute consultation with the instructor. Courses are self-paced and delivered to your inbox in a video format. 1. Market Your Business on the Internet: Do you know what SEO (search engine optimization) is and why it matters? Learn how to update your current website to reach your customers. Market your business by maximizing your digital content across multiple platfors; Google My Business, social media, and email marketing. 2. Start an Online Business: You may already have a successful brick-and-mortar business, but can you enhance sales and revenue with a complimentary online business? Our expert will lead you through the process of preparing to launch a wevsite, domain name selection, website platform, and best website practices. 3. Email Marketing: Mailchimp: Learn to create an email campaign utilizing MailChimp, a simple yet effective platform for creating emails to market your business. An expert will guide you through the step-by-step process. Explore best practices and why email marketing is still relevant. To register, please call 308-284-9830.
Fee: $119.00

Tiffany Roe

Date Day Time Location
01/03/2022Monday12M to 12M WWood
01/04/2022Tuesday12M to 12M WWood
01/05/2022Wednesday12M to 12M WWood
01/06/2022Thursday12M to 12M WWood
01/07/2022Friday12M to 12M WWood
01/08/2022Saturday12M to 12M WWood
01/09/2022Sunday12M to 12M WWood
01/10/2022Monday12M to 12M WWood
01/11/2022Tuesday12M to 12M WWood
01/12/2022Wednesday12M to 12M WWood
01/13/2022Thursday12M to 12M WWood
01/14/2022Friday12M to 12M WWood
01/15/2022Saturday12M to 12M WWood
01/16/2022Sunday12M to 12M WWood
01/17/2022Monday12M to 12M WWood
01/18/2022Tuesday12M to 12M WWood
01/19/2022Wednesday12M to 12M WWood
01/20/2022Thursday12M to 12M WWood
01/21/2022Friday12M to 12M WWood
01/22/2022Saturday12M to 12M WWood
01/23/2022Sunday12M to 12M WWood
01/24/2022Monday12M to 12M WWood
01/25/2022Tuesday12M to 12M WWood
01/26/2022Wednesday12M to 12M WWood
01/27/2022Thursday12M to 12M WWood
01/28/2022Friday12M to 12M WWood
01/29/2022Saturday12M to 12M WWood
01/30/2022Sunday12M to 12M WWood
01/31/2022Monday12M to 12M WWood


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